Summer Fashion Take Good Care of Your Hair

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Take Good Care of Your Hair

Women’ fashion is incomplete without the right hairstyle. In order to achieve the best hairstyle it is important good care is taken of the hair. Whether it’s a night out, party at the beach or even just a summer get together, your hair goes through a lot, which may leave it in a not so good condition. Once you’re in the swimming pool; chlorine and salt water may be combinations you love, but when it comes to your hair, these are not the perfect formula. It is essential your hair fashion is kept in good condition and to achieve this you need to ensure your hair is properly prepped and protected and ready to face the harshest of weathers. Read on to find out what you need to be doing.


Before you go out in the sun, what do you do? That’s right… Apply sun cream! Your hair goes with you so its important it has the protection it needs in order to stay healthy and happy! Even though our hair does not burn like our skin, the UV rays from the sun can still damage it so ensure those tresses are coated with protective products. These days you can find many fashion hair products in the markets so be sure to look out for those that provide UV protection.

Another thing you must be careful about is the effect that chlorine has on your hair. Ever thought of using Kingsley’s Swimcap? The product works wonders and not only protects your locks from chlorine, but also provides UV protection and salt water; leaving your hair in a better condition that it was.

Turn the Heat Low

This is something we all know, but fail to follow. The last thing you want to be doing is blasting your hair using a dryer that’s reached its maximum heat. Instead, let the sun do the job for you and dry your hair naturally! The best way to ensure your hair looks just as good is to use a oil, leave in conditioner or even a wave cream and watch it dry away flawlessly and naturally.

Fight the Frizz

Using a moisturising shampoo conditioner is something you may want to consider in order to fight the frizz. Your body needs water to survive and when it comes to your hair, this does too! A good conditioner will not only take care of this need, but also leaves your hair looking shiny and soft. If your hair needs more than just a conditioner, then a serum or hair oil is something you may want to invest in. These hair products will always help repair parched strands as well as offer protection from heat.

Such products are incredibly easy to use and the key is to make sure they are distributed evenly over your hair stands. The roots don’t really call for the products so try and avoid these where possible. A further product you could use is a hair mask, which would need to be used once a week; keeping your hair frizz-free and strong to face the entire summer.

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