What Men Need for a Stylish Summer Vacation

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What Men Need for a Stylish Summer Vacation

Going on a stylish summer vacation? Well, make sure you go prepared with the list of items below and you can never go wrong. This is time for relaxation and rest, but that doesn’t mean you say bye-bye to fashion, oh no! Ensure you don’t compromise on your fashion looks and choose the usual flip-flops and baggy board shorts! Instead, go for a look that’s cool and fashionable and ensure you know exactly what to pack for a sunny getaway!

The last thing you want to be doing is wishing to be having a time of your life at your destination when in fact you are there and stressing about wearing the wrong fashion apparel. Make sure you keep it light, tight, and right with a hint of style to your basic essentials, which will flawlessly have you looking crisp from the airport all the way to the beach.

Fashion T-Shirts

These are a must have and an all-time favourite has to be the humble t-shirt, which is always the foundation of every mans suitcase. However, ensure not to make things more complicated than they already are! There is no need to go for something that’s too packed with graphics or the dazzling colours; as there is really no need!

Opt for a relaxed style and keep it clean and calm with a round neck tee in the shades of grey, navy or plain white.


So, that’s the t-shirt out of the way, now for a pair of fashionable shorts! Shorts are an easy wear and equally simple with a flair that can be met with no other apparel. Choosing an understated colour in shorts allows you to be more playful with your remaining outfit choices. When choosing the shorts, ensure the hemline is kept above the knee and do be sure to avoid those that come with more than two pockets!

Fashion Shirts

A formal shirt is a must have, especially now that you’re travelling. The reason behind this is because you literally do not know where you could end up, so it’s better to be safe than sorry! You can never go wrong with a classic cotton accompanied by a full-button placket and pointy collars. If you’re going for a fifties style in shirts, you may want to try one with short sleeves. Have fun experimenting with prints and colours that best suit you!


Mens fashion trousers may be another item that needs to go in your suitcase. Okay, so you’re probably  thinking when to wear these, especially when the temperature is telling you different. Well, don’t get too carried away with the sun because you never know what the evening has to bring and could become chillier; calling for more coverage! It won’t hurt to pack a handy pair of trousers. Try to opt for a shade in grey, black or even khaki.

Swimming Shorts

Mens swimming shorts are a must as the pool is somewhere you will definitely end up! Choose something different to your normal, everyday shorts and make you sure to experiment a little with colour.

Fashion Sunglasses

These are an obvious accessory, which you have probably packed already. The essential necessity is a must for when the sun comes out, so play it safe and ensure you opt for a chic style. You may want to go for something from the Rayban’s selection.


Take your wardrobe staple with you on holiday and pack a pair of trainers! A pair of classic trainers will not only look extremely elegant, but will also give your tired feet the support they need. Much sturdier than sandals!

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