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MakeUp Tips For All Women


You have a make-up routine, so stay tuned in on how you can make this both easier and efficient at the same time. Not only will you have more time to yourself like this, but also a lot longer to perhaps sleep and/or plan out that outfit. You must have come across several Pinterest tips as well as YouTube tutorials; however, the list you need is right here. The make up hacks listed below DO work, all you need to do is read on and see for yourself.

Make Those Lashes Fuller by Stamping

Okay, please don’t go stamping your feet whilst putting on mascara, that’s not what I meant. if you want to give your eyes that added depth and do not want to use eye liner for this, what you need to do is mascara stamping. All you need to do is gently press your mascara against the underside of the lashes; this will give them a darker and fuller look. Looking just like eyeliner, but more natural

Darker Lips Have An Older Effect

Once we begin to age, we tend to lose the lip definition. In order to have your lips looking young, you need a lipstick that will create the effect of fullness. As they say, a dark lip colour make your lips seem less plump, small, and less highlighted. In this case, you need to go for a pink or mauve tone and even add a layer of lip gloss to this.

Lip Contour – Concealer

Say no no to the obvious dark lipstick or the liner that is too obvious and go for a highlighter or concealer to give your lips that subtle appearance. A concealer or highlighter that is light in colour can be easily blended using the fingers and will flawlessly make those lips stand out.

Makeup Remover – Baby Oil

If your wipes fail to get rid of the last bits of your eye makeup, you could be there the whole night scrubbing it off and probably won’t get anywhere. The solution to this may already be in your bathroom and is nothing other than baby oil. Simply, dab some baby oil to a cotton pad and gently use this over your makeup. Not only is this super-cheap and instantly available, but won’t irritate your eyes. After all, it is a babies product.

Eye Lash Glue and Bobby Pins

What’s the connection, you may be wondering? Let me explain… If you’re a lover of fake eye lashes and use far too much glue, you need a bobby pin to assist you with the application. Not only will this give you a lot more control, but will also help to achieve the perfect lashes. You can use the bobby pin to apply the glue to the fake lashes as this allows a thin and precise application. After this, you can get applying and finish off with some mascara.

Winged Liner Using A Card

Many of you may have struggled for years trying to achieve that perfect wing for your eyeliner. Am I right? In order to get the perfect straight line, all you need to do is hold up a card next to your eye or even better put some tape at the angle of the wing. To get a flawless look, you can use a pencil to mark this or go straight in with the liquid or gel liner. If there’s no card about, you can always use anything with a straight edge.

Lip Gloss – DIY Style

There’s surely a broken eye shadow in your makeup bag, which you just don’t want to throw away… Right? Now you don’t have to throw this away and can easily turn this into a lip gloss by mixing it with some petroleum jelly. The eye shadow must be in powder form and to take the look to the next level, you can use more than one shade of eye shadow!




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