Do You Know The Real Meaning of ASOS

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Do You Know The Real Meaning of ASOS

How long has it been since you finished school? I’m guessing a while… Well, time to roll down those socks, pull up that skirt and form that assembly line because it’s time we all went back. Due to the recent discovery of the real meaning of ASOS most of us really do need do go back to school because very few of us know the real meaning. Sorry, for an introduction like this, but we may have passed our Maths and English, but when it comes to fashion, we’re lucky if we get in!

Online Shopping

When it comes to online shopping, ASOS is somewhere many of us head to, especially with its next day delivery service! Okay, so some of us maybe know where ASOS has its name from, but many of us don’t, to be honest I hadn’t a clue! No matter how ancient you are a general rule in life is to never assume. However, in this case we had to assume otherwise we would never have known. Anyway, let’s get to the point… The real meaning of ASOS is As Seen On Screen.

For those of you who have missed it, yes! ASOS means As Seen On Screen, which has shocked many users of ASOS. Many groups of people have just found this out recently and like myself are probably still struggling to get their heads around it.

ASOS History

ASOS first launched in 2000 when it was a celebrity linked website. Whether you were after those jeans you saw on Britney Spears or the revealing dress from Girls Aloud, you would have to search for it on ASOS (As Seen On Screen at the time) as that is where you would definitely find it! However, it was in 2003 the name changed to ASOS and got rid of the celebrity side.

That’s all class for today! If you were sitting right at the back, ASOS stands for As Seen On Screen.




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