How to Wear Fashionable Hair Bows Like A Grown Up


How to Wear Fashionable Hair Bows Like A Grown Up
How to Wear Fashionable Hair Bows Like A Grown Up

Don’t fall under the stigma you’re too old to wear hair bows, oh no! Fashionable hair bows are in right now and read on to know how to wear these correctly!

With summer here, your hair calls for a range of seasonal hairstyles. Just think, slick ponytails, crazy braids, and beach waves! All these hairstyles are fantastic for the summer weather, but the look is only complete with a fashionable hair accessory. You won’t find anything better than a hair bow and to get a flawless look, make sure it’s chunky! You may be thinking the last time you ever wore a bow was as a child, right? Well, you’ve missed out on a lot so get back into the fashion trend  and rethink your look!

Never to Old for a Bow

This charming look is no longer reserved just for toddlers and believe it or not, the trend isn’t even that new. We have seen this look on Celine back in 2013 where her look was flawlessly completed with a lovely bow. The style is both sharp and playful and something that is different and cute! Fashion hair accessories are a must have for all so make sure you hit the limelight with the right bow that best expresses your personality.

Sharp and Playful

The cute and flirty accessory is extremely pretty and the most elegant style is the polka dot hairband in a lush silk.Other styles include dramatically embellished bows in all sizes, colours, and personalities. The trick to pull this look off successfully is to consider how you will be styling those tresses. If you want to go for a sophisticated bun, this asks for a ballerina paired bow whilst a bed-head hair look yearns for a bow that’s both sultry and sweet. Now you know how to adapt the trend, play it safe and leave in flamboyance.

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