Easy Ways To Stay Stylish In Your 60

1.Easy Ways To Stay Stylish In Your 60s Here

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Fashion is a great way to express yourself whether you’re 16, 26, or 60. But for most women, style rules usually go out the window once the senior years arrive, and out comes the shapeless clothing, sensible shoes, and matronly hairstyles. Being in your 60s doesn’t mean being unfashionable—rather, it’s a great time to express your individuality with your unique style. Consider ruling Instagram style stars Dorrie Jacobson, who is in her early 80s, and 67-year-old fashion icon Tziporah Salamon. Both women are making waves on the style scene as they refuse to let age dictate their sartorial choices. There’s no magic formula for being stylish, but these tips can help you look fashionable and timeless in your golden years.

2.Invest in the classics

To look fashionable and timeless in your 60’s, a good rule of thumb to follow is to invest in classic pieces. There’s a reason why a white shirt and black trousers look good on anyone at any age—it’s a classic, and it looked as good in the 60’s on Audrey Hepburn as it does today on Angelina Jolie. Spend more on classic pieces such as a white button-down shirt, tailored trousers, a pair of jeans that fits you well, a black dress, and a nicely-cut jacket. These five items can be worn in different ways and won’t make you look dated.


3.Accessorize well

Your accessories can be bold or understated, depending on your mood. A chunky statement necklace can update a basic skirt and blouse combination, while a gold watch paired with thin gold bangles adds elegance to a jeans-and-shirt ensemble. Add a leather bag in a rich color such as chocolate, butterscotch, maroon, navy, grey, or bottle green to finish the look of your outfit. As for your shoes, black or nude pumps can elevate a simple outfit, while pointed flats enable you to get around with ease while still looking pulled together.


4.Don’t forget hair and makeup

No outfit is complete without perfectly applied makeup and a good hairstyle. Get an easy to maintain haircut that you can style at home. You can color your hair or go completely grey, which is quite fashionable nowadays. It’s also a good idea to master a basic makeup routine, and having glowing skin, well-shaped brows, and color on the lips and cheeks can make you look more vibrant and energetic.

With a little effort and making the right fashion choices, it’s possible to look good at any age. Follow these tips to be stylish in your 60s and celebrate your individuality every single day.

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