The Crop Top That’s All Over Instagram this Summer

Crop Top Instagram
Crop Top Instagram

You may be wondering why your Instagram is covered in crop tops lately… Right? Well, maybe there’s something out there this summer you have absolutely no idea about! The crop tops have been a hit with teenage girls since 1997; however, this stylish top has faced many make overs during the seasons making it as comfortable for adults to wear. That’s right… You can flawlessly pull off a crop top no matter what age you’re at and with the new styles you have so much to choose from; Bardot designs, off-the-shoulder looks, asymmetric styles, ruffle styles exquisitely finished off with a toned midriff.

Still not your cup of tea? There’s one crop top I haven’t mentioned, which is surely a stunner this year and this is what I was talking about earlier when I mentioned crop tops and Instagram! Many have already got their hands on these beauties and you surely will too after having a read. The style is Ganni Charron tie front style. This comes in an elegant Burberry-esque check print that’s beige with a charming white and pink stripe.

When it comes to the style, you can nail the look with a pair of matching trousers or skirt. Alternatively, you can play around with chic separates that will surely make the top more fun and flirty. You may want to keep it simple with a black skirt in denim or pants from the Palazzo section! No matter what top you choose to rock in, they are all united and beautifully balance the sexiness with some trousers or a high waist skirt. This look can be worn both day and night and to surely hit the bonus point, you can accessorize with gold necklaces all at different lengths. As well as maximum confidence… After all, you are wearing a crop top! Don’t forget to watch out for the comments and compliments!


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