Create the Perfect Ponytail and Never Get it Wrong Again

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Create the Perfect Ponytail and Never Get it Wrong Again

The ponytail hairstyle is not only for gym goers or school girls, oh no! The fashion hairstyle is also adapted by many fashion houses taking advantage of its achievable and sleek look. Creating the perfect ponytail might sound like hard work, but it really isn’t if you know what you’re doing. Read on to discover how you can achieve this beautiful style yourself.

The Story of the Ponytail

The story of the fashionable hairstyle takes us back to school years where it was just a childhood throw back and a way of getting your hair out of the way. However, over the year as you get older the ponytail just gets newer and looks even more charming and exquisite than the former. The first step to achieving this statement look is to make up your mind about the whole thing and focus on creating a pony tail that will have heads turning. The glamorous trend can very easily be achieved and all at home!

The Hairstyle of the Season

The ponytail is in fact the hairstyle of the season and this year it comes with a humble look and has been seen created by Delphine Courteille – Hairstylist. The hair was beautifully divided along a side parting. A blow dryer was used to prettily blow the lengths backwards with a bobby pin at the nape of the neck. The look was taken one step further with a section of the hair wrapped around the the pony in order to cover the hair tie.
Prada have also replicated the look and adapted the side parted ponytails. Likewise, Tibi also chose the pony tail with slick hair and a parting in the center with a twist that was unexpected. Chanel adapted the look also with a dash of Eighties flair pinned to the side with pink baubles.

Create the Look At Home

The trick to start off with is clean hair, which will give you a slick finish. Hair also needs to be flat-ironed so that it can lie smooth. Using a brush with boar bristles and nylon you need to gather your hair together to where you want it to sit and pick a parting. The front needs to be kept smooth as well as the sides, then brush and secure using a clear band. The locks need to be looking sleek with a little application of hair serum all over the hair. This will give the hair a sheen finish. Hairspray can also be used for an extra hold. Finally, work on the finishing touches and using your hair you can cover the hair band by taking a little section from the hair and wrapping it around before securing this using hair grips.

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