What Colors No1 this Summer?


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Yellow colours No1 trend of this summer

Colors No1 this Summer
Red, blue, pink green, purple, orange, yellow… That’s it! It’s yellow! Pink may have done it for Nike this season, but when it comes to the summer colour it surely is yellow. A colour that is feared by many and not worn as much has certainly made it to the front row this summer, which has made the tricky trend a success. This was first seen on Karlie Kloss and Celine Dion and slowly made its way to Instagram. The shade has influenced many and will continue to do so throughout the summer season.

The best way to achieve this look is choosing the correct yellow shade as we all know how many there are, don’t we? The shade that works well has to be egg yolk yellow and many can pull off this shade both day and night. Make sure you know what you like and what shade looks best on you. You can also experiment with many hues until you find the right one… After all, you need to pull it off in style. If you want to look as elegant as possible, you can always slip on a crystal bracelet, some light makeup and your favourite handbag and that’s you ready to go!

The best way to achieve a flawless look is to top up with some strong, red lipstick just like Michelle Williams in 2006 or Beyonce in Hold Up. A buttery shade is also brilliant and Celine Dion has proved this in her leather apparel and this also works well for pale complexions. For a brunette, many shades of yellow are perfect as it is a completely different contrast to the hair… Which is a good thing!

Be part of this year’s trend and make sure to inspire other’s on the journey. Create that yellow summers vibe everywhere you go and watch how quickly the atmosphere turns happy and bubbly with the charming sight of the extremely bright shade. Make sure you shop around and try many stores and outfits to get the best look and… Don’t forget to make it as yellow as possible!


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