What Causes Those Tiny Holes in T-Shirts

Tiny Holes in T-Shirts

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What Causes Those Tiny Holes in T-Shirts


So, you’ve brought a brand new t-shirt and just only weeks later there’s an annoying hole in it, which is literally tiny. Surely you’ve come across this situation before? Right, so you’re looking at the hole and there it is staring right back at you. Well, it’s just another one of those fashion biggest mysteries, something similar to why is there a tiny pocket inside the main pocket of the jeans or what the extra hole in the trainer is for. You get what I mean.

Anyway, back to our topic! So, that annoying little, teeny tiny hole isn’t down to creatures in your wardrobe, oh no! In fact, the cause for the hole is down to your belt or jeans. What’s the logic behind this… Let me explain, the fabric to your fashion t-shirt has been constantly rubbed against the top of your jeans or your belt, this has created friction; causing the fabric to deteriorate and in return give you a hole in the t-shirt. Which does make sense if you think about it, doesn’t it?

Okay, so what can be done to stop this happening in the future? No, no you don’t want to stop wearing jeans and a belt… Instead, all you need to do is invest in your basics. Next time you’re out on a shopping spree you should try looking for the fabric of the garment as well as brands that tell you the material that is being used. Something with a longer fiber length is a good sign as well as an explanation on how the garment has been made.

However, if you find holes in your t-shirt in other places, then yes this could be a problem with creatures in your wardrobe. Depending on where the holes are situated, you will surely know where the problem has started from and whether it’s creatures or if it’s all down to your jeans. Also, if creatures have been at your clothes, you are more likely to find a cluster of holes in all places.

Regardless of the holes, sizes, and location, you will certainly find many helpful hacks on the Internet, which will always remedy the problem.


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