All You Need to Know for 2017 Summer Fashion Trends Part 1

2017 Summer Fashion Trends
2017 Summer Fashion Trends

2017 Summer Fashion. Just in case you’re after a fashion statement or have totally missed out on this year’s fashion trends, it’s never too late to catch up and change that look. Ensure your wardrobe is up to date and you are too from head to toe with this seasons top fashion statements. Whether you are inspired by the catwalks at Milan, New York, London, or Paris, these trends are surely your cup of tea with a mixture of looks inspired from the 80s, a touch of pink, as well as that ruffle and sheer texture. Read on and ensure you try one from the run down list below!

Smash it with Sheer

You may automatically think see-through fabrics… Right? However, the meaning of sheer is not always about showing that underwear, oh no! Take it to the next level with something that’s sheer like a longline sheer top, dresses, and even Perspex trousers. Lace dresses that are elegantly fitted as well as crochet bottoms are another means of gaining that statement factor.

Shoulder Trend

Shoulder pads, or if you want to call it the ’80s look’ is back and in trend this summer. The charming box shape may be a little too extreme for some of us, but with a touch of comfort and a lenient look, the trend can be adapted by many.

Sleeves with Details

Sleeves are very rare to wear in summer, but you’ll be surprised how many people (even celebs) have adapted this look this year. Embraced with gorgeous detailing, the sleeves can be adorned with anything and all styles from flutes, ruffles, bunched, cropped, and even oversized… Anything will go!

Stripes Thin and Thick

From sailing to school to the seaside, stripes are everywhere and in all forms that one can imagine. Whether it’s thick stripes or pinstripes, they are everyone’s favorite and we all love them!

Make sure you are ahead of the game and others will certainly follow on! Make sure to read “All You Need to Know for 2017 Summer Fashion Trends part 2 ” to get some more trends for the remaining months of 2017.


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