8 Details to Consider when Purchasing your Leather Jacket

Considering buying a leather jacket? This investment purchase needs some thought. Here are my tips on what to look for when buying this classic item.

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  1. Leather
    Taking note of the leather is really important as this can vary dramatically. Some are quite thick, thin, hard, super soft, shiny, suede and have a texture and all of these play a part on how it sits, wears and ultimately its versatility. Going for leather that has a subtle texture means the jacket is going to wear well with time. Leather naturally creases, softens, get scratched, and fades. The right leather will take this in its stride and make up part of the character of the jacket.


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2. Length
Deciding on whether to buy a cropped jacket or one that ends on the hips can be tricky. With experience, I can argue you need one of both, but with Lusso Leather’s 60% off promotion you can feasibly get both and enjoy it for years to come. For informing your purchase, it really does depend on your body shape and what you want to mainly style your jacket with. If you’re buying a leather jacket to work with dresses (Women) then a cropped jacket is really flattering, but if you want to wear them with jeans (Women/Men) then the longer length works best.


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3. Hardware
Make sure to check the colour of the hardware. Zippers, buttons, and studs are all integral aspects to any leather jacket. A mistake here could cause a perfect leather jacket to be left sitting in the wardrobe because it doesn’t match the rest of your accessories. If you find a neutral hardware, ie black. Then you’ve found the holy grail. Buy it now.


Leather Jacket, Shoulder Alignment

4. Shoulder Alignment
The shoulders should line up perfectly and create structure. Unless you’re going for an oversized boyfriend style or a biker style, in which case I’m presuming you’ve already ticked off finding the perfect leather jacket, then make sure the shoulders don’t sit too wide. And if they sit too narrow then you need to up a size a because it is likely you will not be able to move your arms.

Lapel/collar,Leather Jacket

5. Lapel/collar
Brands will constantly change up details on leather jackets to differentiate their designs, but nothing beats a classic lapel. Avoid anything too trendy, like a drape, shearling or fur (unless it’s removable) or the no collar, unless you want a more mature style.


Lining, LeatherJacket

6. Lining
Always check to make sure it’s lined. The lining should also be somewhat discrete and not compete with the jacket. I hate when brands insert a bright colorful lining on a perfect black jacket. WHY?

Back ,Leather Jacket

7. Back
Some back detailing can have folds that make it more biker styled while others can taper in creating a more polished shape. Neither is right or wrong, but always a good idea to check out the back and make sure it’s in line with what you want. Lusso Leather offers many different styles of jackets and every aspect is customizable. See their custom creation page to shape your jacket directly to your body fit and measurements.




Detailing,Leather Jacket


8. Detailing
We’ve seen so many jackets that we’ve learned it’s all in the details. Too many and it will date, too little and it borders on boring. Zippers, stitching and hardware can make or break your jacket choice. Just make sure it’s classic and flattering. I made an error of buying a jacket with padding on the arms that added extra bulk and made me look like a rugby player… not ideal.

If you consider all 8 of these aspects prior to purchasing your jacket – you’ll definitely be more on the safe side. This is our opinion on the matter and in no way are we saying that you MUST shop this way. We believe in being transparent here at Fashion Waters and we would like to thank you for reading our article on the 8 factors to consider when purchasing your leather jacket.

Have a great day!

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